World Health Day 2017

World Health Day will be celebrated on the 7th of April with a campaign dedicated to depression. WHO launched the campaign Depression: Let’s Talk in October 2016 and aims to better inform the general public about depression, its causes, possible consequences and what help is available for both prevention and treatment. Enabling everyone to share this information and encouraging more people to seek help is crucial for dismantling the stigma surrounding depression.

Depression affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. According to WHO’s 2015 statistics, 322 million people suffer from depression. More than 80% of this disease burden is among people living in low- and middle-income countries.

We all can, at times, feel sadness, loss of interest or loss of pleasure, develop feelings of guilt or low self-worth, suffer from disturbed sleep or appetite, or feel of tired and have a hard time concentrating. But if any, or all, of these symptoms persist for a long period of time, they cause a mental suffering that impairs our ability to carry out even the simplest tasks, let alone function at work or school. In some severe cases, depression can lead to suicide.

The good news is that depression is treatable and even preventable. Depression: Let’s Talk is a great opportunity to learn more about how to face this disease and how to live healthy and productive lives. WHO’s campaign provides a stepping stone for society to bridge the gap between medical treatment and mental illness.

Fondation d’Harcourt wholeheartedly supports this campaign and encourages everyone to get on board. So go on, talk about depression and help break the stigma that surrounds this disease.


How you can get involved:

Visit the campaign’s webpage

Share events and activities on the online campaign app

Download the just released Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders booklet (PDF)