There is no cure without social interaction

Empowering people suffering from mental illnesses and their families

There are 300 million people suffering from mental disorders in the world.

In Switzerland, 17% of the population is affected by these illnesses.

Considering the scale of this phenomenon and its impact on the public health system, specialists are agreeing that early diagnoses is becoming essential. The idea is to intercept the symptoms that announce any given mental illness before it manifests itself. It is not always possible to avert these types of disorders, but being able to treat them in their early stages can prevent them from becoming chronic.

But what comes after diagnosis?

Medical and pharmacological treatment is not enough. Psycho-social rehabilitation is to be integrated into every treatment path and is to be taken seriously. It should not be reduced to the organization of recreational workshops as it so often occurs.

We work for mentally-ill persons to be regarded as individuals – not sick people – helping them develop their own resources and abilities according to their needs, goals and lifestyles. This can only be carried out by involving friends and family, de-stigmatizing the disease and with the ultimate goal of supporting school or job market reinsertion.