Layla’s experience as a Step-by-Step e-helper

For the majority of her life, Layla thought she would become a medical doctor. However, over time, her interest in mental health grew from the desire to understand people’s motives, deepest fears, and to help them overcome their traumas and psychological scars. Her interest was further strengthened having been witness to the suffering of Syrians refugees in her own country. She took on several roles in the field of psychosocial support, one of which was a part-time e-helper with the “Step-by-Step” project in Lebanon.

“Although I have only 15-20 minutes to spend with each user per week, I could build the needed trust with each one of them to get in touch with the deepest and sincerest aspects of their lives. Through our weekly contact, I could feel how they all share a desperate need to be validated and understood. Nothing can be more positive than helping a young unemployed Palestinian user regain his self-confidence to apply for jobs and end up receiving a job offer from a company which he really wanted to join,” Layla remarked. She also commented on the clinical supervision she has been receiving on weekly basis in the step-by-step program. This support has allowed her to widen her knowledge and develop her skills to better serve her community as well as achieve her long term goals in the field of mental health. Layla believes the project has provided her with necessary technical skills and she has decided to pursue studies in clinical psychology.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping individuals regain confidence in themselves and their futures.