Kizito Expands his Expertise Through CVT Trainings

Kizito has been practicing in the field of clinical psychology for 12 years. Early in his career, he developed a deep compassion for people who suffer helplessly at the hands of fellow human beings. He has only been working for CVT since 2017, but has consistently received clinical capacity building through their trainings and clinical supervision since 2009. These trainings allowed him to develop a strong hands-on competence in conducting clinical assessments, developing and facilitating treatments, and in the management of various mental health conditions. He has also strengthened his ability to conduct capacity building trainings and as a result, is able to pass on his knowledge and skills to others in a way that ensures sustainability in the delivery of quality psychological service. Kizito spoke highly of the CVT supervisors stating that he appreciated their continued support during moments when he felt discouraged and that they were always, “experienced, talented, and motivated.”

Capacity building is crucial to the growth and development of mental health personnel for providing healing and high quality mental health services.