Faces of Burundi at the UN in Geneva

An uncommon and unexpected sight. From within a dramatic reality such as Africa’s, the photographs of “Ensemble” document, through children’s eyes and women’s smiles, a path towards hope which gives human dignity a face beyond misery and sickness, hunger and neglect.

Ensemble, which means together, is the name of this exhibition because development is, above all, a joint effort to accompany each person in their growth.

Under the mantle of the 25th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the UN Office in Geneva will host the exhibition to celebrate the value of the MEO Center‘s experience in Burundi. The center is supported by Fondation d’Harcourt and AVSI Foundation, who also curated the exhibition. Starting on 4 March, and for three weeks, “Ensemble” will recount, through a short documentary and thirteen photographs, the years of work promoting human rights. American photographer Brett Morton gives us the faces, gestures and smiles of an entire community reborn through education.

The exhibition’s goal is to document how development derives, first and foremost, from valuing human dignity; as well as from education. At the center, education means giving each human being the possibility to realize their potential and interact with one another with mutual respect.

Taking care of children, to accompany them, to introduce them to reality with their families, their community and the environment in which they live, is a fundamental contribution to the development of humanity.

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