Claire’s story: How support and a sense of belonging nurtures new moms

Fondation d’Harcourt partners with FREP to support mothers during the perinatal period, a vulnerable time for many women.

I am 37 years old and the mother of Sophie, who will soon celebrate her 4th birthday.

I learned about CAP’s “cocooning,” or welcoming sessions, from my gynecologist when I was a few months pregnant. As a single mother, I was in a fragile psychological state and felt anxious about the challenges that lay ahead. I began feeling depressed and decided I needed psychological support and, most of all, a community to belong to.

Dr. Bonforte, a psychiatrist at CAP, accompanied me throughout my pregnancy and the postpartum period and encouraged me to attend the Cap cocooning sessions. The gatherings helped me feel less alone and face the postpartum period with more courage. They also provided me with an opportunity to share my experiences as a new mother with other women in the group.

During that time, Sabine, a midwife trained in psychiatry, visited me at home. She gave me invaluable advice and encouragement on breastfeeding, which I had almost given up on several occasions. When Sabine’s home visits ended, I continued attending the cocooning sessions to benefit from the support and advice of midwives, psychologists, baby osteopaths, and other practitioners. I also took part in a psychomotor stimulation workshop and met with a psychomotor therapist who answered my questions about my daughter’s development.

Through my experience at CAP, I gained more confidence and overcame this difficult period. I also found a community of moms with whom I am still friends today.