Burundi: The importance of education

“Personally and in my work, I find that I have developed greatly. It all comes from the desire for goodness, truth and the good of humanity.  Thank you.”

Christine  NIYOKINDI, Head of the MEO Lino Lava Center tells us about her experiences:

“I’ve worked for AVSI since 2004 and have been able to experiment that, as Aristotle said “friendship is the game of love that unites consciences around a common link, which is not that which is useful or pleasurable, but that which is free. To be part of this kind of friendship, one must be educated.”

This means that the final purpose of education is that of forming a man that is able to react and interact with others in freedom and joy.

My years with AVSI have always been true to the mission of “promoting human dignity through cooperation and development activities, giving special attention to the Catholic social teachings,” and have given me a chance to grow both psychologically and morally.

In my experience with the children at the MEO Lino Lava Center, I have learnt to take care of each child as a unique case and to look at him/her as the center of our every action.

The educational and recreational activities implemented at the Center are very much appreciated by the children and, through them, they learn how to express their feelings, emotions, desires and fears.

Games are carried out both individually and in groups.

Playing means laughter, discussion, communication, agreement, the establishment of strategies and rules; it is a life experience that is part of everyone’s education. Games offer children a marvelous opportunity to develop self-knowledge.

Aside from the recreational and educational activities, the MEO Center organizes home and school visits, individual and group counseling sessions, and discussion groups addressed to teenagers and parents in need.

Over the years, I have been able to see beneficiaries of all ages develop skills and self-awareness, discover their talents and take on responsibilities. My greatest satisfaction hast been to see how they become the main agents of change of their own lives.”


The most valuable capital is that invested in education.