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Retrouver la voix/voie

2019 - 2021

The Roseraie Center, based in Geneva, is a unique place to prevent the social exclusion and vulnerability of refugees and migrants regardless of their status of origin. Most of these individuals have reached Switzerland after a long, difficult, and sometimes dangerous journey. While coping with the uncertainty of their future, they also face the challenges of integrating into a new and unfamiliar culture. This complex and stressful experience can affect the mental health of many.

The project’s objective is to promote the de-stigmatization of mental disorders through group therapy, seminars, and workshops on global health. The psychosocial approach proposed by the project aims to inform migrants of their capacity to use their resources to develop their full potential as well as to facilitate integration in the community. The project also provides screening to detect early psychiatric disorders. For those in need, individual psychological support is offered for free, and for the most vulnerable cases, referrals to specialized hospitals and institutions are available.

Additionally, the project will create a network of public and private partnerships specialized in the sector to better care for people suffering from mental health disorders and create a clear referral pathway for recovery.

Project highlights


1 psychologist

1 social worker

4 therapy group facilitators

Activities and beneficiaries


people received individual counselling


people received psychological support


awareness sessions on health for 672 people


group therapy sessions carried out for 279 people


people received psychosocial support


people referred to 35 partner organizations for additional support

Collaboration with 4 networks on health and migration