AVSI Foundation

Psychosocial wellbeing in Lebanon

2012 - 2013

Modern Lebanon has experienced alternating periods of political stability and turmoil. At the time of the project, instability in Syria affected Lebanon and was poised to spread throughout the entire Middle East.

This predictably affected the psychological balance of families, especially children, as well as their living conditions. This project was designed to enhance children’s psycho-social wellbeing, education and quality of life by organizing a range of activities at the Jean Paul II Center in Jounieh, 10 km from Beirut. By involving the entire family, the center was able to provide personalized psycho-social guidance and support.

The project also covered the cost of books, materials and registration fees of certain children in public schools. It then organized certification courses for teachers and tutoring sessions to help children with their homework. When an emergency arose, aid was available to handle basic needs such as food, fuel, medicine or the payment of overdue rent.

Project highlights

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children and their families received psychosocial support