Fundatia Inocenti

Psychosocial support center for Glina

2013 - 2016

Romania has developed considerably over the past 25 years, yet almost a third of the population still lives in poverty. In Glina, an extremely disadvantaged suburb of Bucharest, difficult living conditions and unemployment often have psychological consequences. Families, especially children, are in dire need of support if they are to live up to their potential and improve their wellbeing.

The project provides children of the Psychosocial Support Center a safe place to study and play, as well as specialized guidance by a social worker and a psychologist. The project uses a comprehensive approach that focuses on the child, the child’s family and the broader community.

Parents and relatives take part in activities to improve their parenting skills and create a healthier and more balanced environment in which their children can develop. Moreover, volunteers are recruited from within the families and trained to serve as tutors and mentors. This helps support children through school and beyond, generating long-term positive change.

Project Highlights


psychosocial activities

individual and group psychological counseling

school support/after school classes


25 children

received psychological counseling


parents working as volunteers at the center and 20 parents involved in project activities


indirect beneficiaries


permanent volunteers