Psychological Support for medical staff, patients and relatives of people Covid-19 affected

2020 - 2024

Within the new reality of the global pandemic, many people have struggled to cope with the emotional impact and uncertainty surrounding the future. Feelings of grief, loss, constant alarm, and recurring thoughts of helplessness have emerged on an alarming scale. Through this project, Soleterre has been working to alleviate these feelings by providing psychological support together with its partners in Milan, Pavia, and Bergamo.

The project takes three major courses of action:

Psychological support within the Hospital

At the San Matteo Hospital in Pavia, Soleterre provides intensive psychological support to medical staff, patients, and relatives affected by Covid-19. The support is provided mainly in person, requiring entry into the Covid-19 dedicated wards and units, but also by using video-calls and through a 24/7 dedicated telephone number. The psychologists of Soleterre are currently fully integrated within the Hospital services, and their work is extremely valued by other doctors and patients.

Psychological Support on a national level with National Fund for Psychological support
In addition to its work within the San Matteo Hospital, Soleterre is also working to provide psychological support to individuals outside the hospital. It began by creating networks through targeted collaborations on the territories with associations, cooperatives, and public subjects. Soleterre identified psychologists as territorial referents and signed collaboration agreements with local entities that already carry out psychological and psychotherapeutic support activities. The psychologists belonging to each of these entities were added to Solettere’s network and trained in the Therapeutic Model, which provides a framework for intervention in the context of Covid-19. Individuals in need of support can make a direct request for help by calling 3357711805 which is answered by operators already trained on the Covid-19 emergency. Soleterre psychologists carry out an initial psychological assessment to evaluate the impact of a possible stress disorder and, if necessary, the person is sent for treatment to a psychotherapist within its network. The treatment is aligned with the results of the initial assessment and is completely free for the user.

Scientific research to investigate the consequences of Covid on patients and health personnel
Since the outbreak of the crises, Soleterre has worked to provide insight and research on the topic. As a result, it has designed several research studies with the Policlinico San Matteo, the University of Pavia, La Sapienza University in Rome and the Order of Psychologists (both National and Regional). The research will focus largely on the psychological consequences of Covid-19 and the effectiveness of psychological support.

Project Highlights

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psychological assessments conducted


health care professionals provided with psychological support


patients and 30 family members provided psychological support


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