Mission Bambini

Omada Adolescent Neuropsychiatric Residential Community

2018 - 2023

Experience and data collected by Mission Bambini’s partner Associazione Gruppo di Betania over 30 years of work within the psycho-pedagogical sector shows an increasing complexity in the conditions relative to borderline personality disorder in adolescents. In 2016, seeking to respond to the needs of that critical phase that is adolescence, they opened the Omada Adolescent Neuropsychiatric Residential Community for 10 girls aged 12 to 17.

Our partnership on this project provides Omada with the means to integrate adequate and qualitative clinical programs according to the adolescents’ psychosocial needs to effectively intervene on the residents’ psychopathology and improve their long-term outcome and quality of life.

Educators, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, neuropsychiatrists and psychiatrists specialized in dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavior and mentalization-based treatment (MBT) collaborate with families and public territorial services to provide all the necessary psychological, emotional, scholastic and nutritional support an adolescent requires.

An individual plan for each girl is designed by the multidisciplinary team to accompany and monitor them in the transition from childhood-specific neuropsychiatric services to services for adults. This ensures therapeutic consistency and improves its long-term results in youth affected by psychotic disorders. In case hospitalization is required, health professionals ensure their presence and supervision so that possible trauma is prevented and therapy is properly followed up. Specific support during the discharge phase is also provided for girls who cannot remain in the Omada residence because their conditions have worsened or because they have reached the end of their program.


Project highlights


experienced psychiatrist


social workers

permanent staff

Activities and beneficiaries


girls access to integrated mental health care


families and their communities supported


public territorial services involved


team involved, trained and supervised by an experienced psychiatrist