Fondation Recherche en Périnatalité (FReP)

Les après-midi d’accueil de l’association CAP – Cocooning au sein du CAP

2020 - 2024

The birth of a child is one of the most joyful events for a family, and surely/especially for the mother. One of the most delicate periods for women is the year leading up to the birth of her child. This project promoted by our partner, the Fondation Recherche Périnatalité, aims to support mothers during the perinatal period which is often accompanied by feelings of vulnerability.

Mothers are welcomed at CAP Association, a soothing environment where they can spend time with their children alongside a multidisciplinary team consisting of a midwife and a psychologist or child psychiatrist specialized in child development. These welcoming times (or “cocooning”) serve as an opportunity for mothers to open about their concerns and needs on early care or parenting while finding answers on perinatal, emotional, and developmental issues.

They also serve as an opportunity for mothers requiring support with their emotional health to receive individual counselling while their child evolves in a suitable space under the gaze of the CAP team.

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