Helping mentally challenged youth create a new life plan

2011 - 2013

No country is immune to mental health disorders. To help mentally ill young people under treatment reintegrate into society and regain their self-confidence, the Department of Psychiatry of the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève developed JADE (Jeunes Adultes avec Troubles Psychiques Débutants), a treatment and care program for young people with serious mental illness.

When the Foundation approached JADE’s director, the unit lacked a proper reintegration program for the young adults who came for treatment.

A coach was therefore appointed to advise those who wanted vocational training, since job opportunities and training contribute to rehabilitation and help prevent psychological crises.

The coach helped patients develop a life plan by identifying their talents or interests and building up their social and interpersonal skills. Young people were encouraged to complete their education or undergo training. Integrating them early into mainstream society has proven key to their rehabilitation.

The program was so successful it is now run by the Geneva Cantonal Hospital.

Project highlights


2 job coaches

1 training coach

1 psychologist



young adults supported through the program