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CURE – Cultivate Relationships at Distance

2020 - 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic that broke out in Italy in early 2020 imposed a lockdown triggering a host of problems for all families forced to isolate. Extended quarantine and social distancing created a climate of general uncertainty leading also to a major social and financial crisis.

School closures and movement restrictions interrupted teenagers and children’s routines, compromising social support while placing new stressors on parents and caregivers. Families living under already vulnerable circumstances were left even more alone since home health care services were reduced to prevent the spread of contagion.

This project, coordinated by our partner AVSI, aims to strengthen a network of aid already rooted in Milan which requires further assistance to guarantee psychosocial support for the most vulnerable families in one of the most impoverished areas of Milan. The network facilitating cohesion and social reintegration includes the “Istituto delle Suore di Carità dell’Assunzione,” which over time has built a personal relationship with each of the families, and the “Cooperativa Martinengo” that provides a team of operators who carry out home visits to support children and their families.

To support this network Resilience Onlus Association, composed by a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in countries affected by war and disasters, provides training and follow up for operators of the network. The training is based on resilience building and aims to strengthen individual resources (personal resilience) and promote knowledge of the social support network for the family (community resilience). Trained operators will be able to recognize and intervene in cases of PTSD or mental health crises and will provide effective techniques to parents and caregivers to manage the emotions of their children.

Educational materials, tablets, and laptops to access psychological support and continue remote school activities will be provided to children while personal protective equipment and essential medicines will be shared between families and operators. Direct economic aid will be also provided to support the most vulnerable families.

*This project has been approved under the Fondation d’Harcourt Covid-19 Emergency Fund

Project Highlights

Activities and beneficiaries


families supported


children and adolescents accompanied


educators and 10 health workers trained on resilience, FPA, PTSD

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