Appartenances: Measuring impact

Promoting the psychosocial wellbeing of vulnerable groups

Photos © Yves Leresche

The ability to measure the impact our partners’ activities have on their beneficiaries is of paramount importance. Over the next six months, Appartenances Association will be working on their evaluation protocol and will consolidate the assessment questionnaires which will assess patient sensitivity to the program we are supporting.

In their mid-year report, the psychotherapeutic Consultation Service for Migrants (CPM) team mentioned their eagerness to test and confirm the effectiveness of their approach in a “rigorous and scientific manner”, as they put it. In their own enthusiastic words, “This is a decisive opportunity to better meet the needs of our patients, as recommended by international guidelines and WHO.”

Ethno-psychiatry as it is being applied by Appartenances creates a stronger bond between the patient with the health professionals which can ensure better results. We are eager to measure the positive impact of our actions in this project and will be back with more news with their next progress report.