Looking back on one of this year’s successes

JADE (Jeunes Adultes avec Troubles Psychiques Débutants) is a treatment and care program of the Geneva Cantonal Hospital. It focuses on aiding young adults with serious mental health disorders and previous hospitalization.

In January 2014, the management of the psychiatric unit of the Geneva Cantonal Hospital (HUG) was so convinced by the positive results of the “Pact’ Formation” at JADE, that it decided to guarantee a position for a formation coach within JADE’s medical staff. This fills us with pride, as it shows how the initiatives we support can create sustainable solutions in the field of mental health.

When we came into the picture in 2008, JADE wanted to work on a patient reinsertion program. Reinsertion is an area of mental rehabilitation that often is, if not overlooked, not addressed in its full complexity. Making sure mental health patients are able to start their lives anew is a crucial part of the cure.

Our role was to fund JADE’s reinsertion program with its formation coach. The coach met with the patients and assisted them in finding suitable social rehabilitation paths. His work was based on helping them identify their strengths and discussing suitable education and/or training opportunities.

During our time with JADE, half of the beneficiaries found a job or began studying. We even had a handful of them successfully re-enrolling in university.

We are tremendously happy that our partnership with JADE was taken up to the next level. We hope that more young patients will continue to successfully make their way back into society.

This all serves as a reminder of our firm belief that an ill person continues to be full of resources and ought not be defined by his or her illness.