Holiday Newsletter 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we would like to share our gratitude with our network of partners around the world. Their dedication to providing quality mental health services brings hope and light to so many people in need. We look forward to furthering our mission together in 2023.

Here are some of the highlights of this year:

In 2022, Fondation d’Harcourt established two new partnerships.

In the Agago District, a remote corner of northern Uganda, Network for Africa and its long-standing local partner BNUU rolled out a three-year project Healthy Minds, Good Lives, to raise awareness about mental illness and address the lack of mental health services in communities.

Fondazione Francesca Rava in Milan, Italy, launched Take Care of Me, a 4-year project focused on mental health interventions for children and adolescents in a state of distress and fragility, providing psychological and psychosocial support for them and their families in their communities and at school.

We also had the opportunity to go back to the field and meet with our partners after three long years. Nothing can replace a face-to-face encounter with the people we support. Listening to their stories, challenges, and successes and meeting their dedicated and passionate teams always inspires and motivates us.

@Fundatia Inocenti

Participating in one of Fundatia Inocenti’s Mental Health Literacy Program sessions at the Romulus Ladea School of Fine Arts in Cluj, Romania, was touching. The Fundatia team has created a safe place for adolescents to express their emotions and provide resources and strategies to cope with symptoms associated with various mental disorders. An important message they shared is that “it is ok not to be ok.”

In Rome, we took part in an inspirational session, a self-help group of parents of people living with a mental health condition supported by Fondazione di Liegro. Each of the parents shared their own unique story and the commonality of their challenges and struggles helped them to feel more understood and less lonely. Voicing their experiences also gave them an opportunity to view their situation from a different perspective, understand how long the recovery process is, and recognize how each step makes a difference.

@Fracarita Belgium

During our field visit in Rwanda, we attended a seminar at NDERA, the National Psychiatry Hospital in Kigali, where coaches, psychologists, social workers, doctors, and directors of the five regional hospitals managed by our partner, Fracarita Belgium, shared their work on improving the quality of care and life for people living with a mental health condition.

We had also the opportunity to see AVSI’s approach to community mental health in action. One of the most touching moments of the field visit was our participation in the psychoeducation group session where people living with a mental health condition gave testimony to their struggles, but also shared how they had started a new and meaningful life with the support of community providers.

In October, Fondation d’Harcourt partnered with Giving Women to support their 10th Annual Conference dedicated to girls’ and women’s mental health in vulnerable communities. Our Managing Director, Gaia Montauti d’Harcourt, moderated the panel, “The Wisdom of those with Lived Experience,” in which three speakers, Hauwa Ojeifo (founder of She Writes Woman in Nigeria), Charlene Sunkel (founder of Global Mental Health Peer Network in South Africa), and Kamala Poudel (program officer at KOSHISH in Nepal) showed how giving voice to their own stories was an empowering act and shared how they are managing to live a meaningful life.

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes for the New Year!