The Syrian civil war is having noticeable effects on neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon and Jordan, where millions of families are seeking to escape the conflict.  Every day new refugees arrive in these two countries leaving behind violence, destroyed homes and very often, part of the family.  Nevertheless, the international community is showing neglect and indifference.

In response to Pope Francis’ words of appeal “for our loved Syria, its population being hurt by conflict, and for the numerous refugees that await help and consolation”, our partners at AVSI have started a fundraising campaign to help sustain the refugee population. The campaign started June 17 and ends on August 31. #10forSyria 

AVSI’s asking for a donation of 10 euro, which is enough to do any of the following:
– Fill up a holding tank with 2,000 liters of water
– Buy 2kg of beans, 2kg of rice, 2kg of sugar and 2lt of oil
– Pay for 1 hour of remedial course for a Syrian child

So far 17,500 people have received relief goods from AVSI in Lebanon and Jordan, 1,063 received food and medicines, 600 students are being helped through remedial courses, and 1,250 children and teenagers are receiving psycho-social aid.

Convinced that all the community must contribute to make a difference, we at Foundation d’Harcourt are supporting the campaign by providing 300 Syrian students psycho-social and educational activities.

For more information please visit: http://www.avsi.org/2013/06/13/10forsyria/